Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ & Catering

2801 Old Greenwood Rd #3

Fort Smith, AR 72903

Monday - Thurs.    11 am - 2 pm

Friday & Saturday     11 am - 8 pm


All prices subject to change.

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Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ

2801 Old Greenwood Road #3, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903, United States



Monday -Thursday 11am - 2pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am - 8pm

Sunday: Closed


Best of the Best

Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ has won the Times Record "Best of the Best" award for BBQ Restaurant every year since the award was started in 2015.

Favorite BBQ

Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ has won the  most "Favorite" awards of any business, awarded by the Entertainment Fort Smith magazine readers poll. 10 Years of awards include Favorite BBQ, Catering, Desserts and Carry out BBQ.


Before Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ was a commercial restaurant, it was a KCBS competition cooking team.  Come in and check out our wall of trophies and ribbons. There are a lot of them!

About Us

Our Team

Our team literally started out as a BBQ competition team that went from town to town on weekends cooking BBQ contests for fun and "down time" from our 9 to 5 jobs.  We started our journey as a fun loving group of guys that were more interested in the social side of the BBQ scene than the actual scoring and winning.  As time went on and our cooking skills improved our outlook took a 180 and we had a new mission ... serious competition BBQ.  The last 3 years that we competed (before the restaurant) we finished 17th overall, 13th overall and 11th overall in the KCBS end of the year team results.  There are thousands of KCBS BBQ teams. 


Our BBQ is great for event catering and parties.  Please call us at 479-649-7427 to speak to us about your catering needs.  We have done jobs as big as 1400 people and as small as 10.  Please call us with any questions.  We have the answers.

Our Private Dining Room

If you or your group need a place to have a meeting or a family gathering with our BBQ, we have a private dining room that will seat as many as 49 adults.  Please call us at 479-649-7427 to reserve the room.  Call early, it;s booked on a "first call" basis.