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Grand Champion Style BBQ

Winner of E! Fort Smith's Readers Choice award
for the last 6 years straight in BBQ!
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The "Pink Flamingo BBQ" Story


This is a story about a man and his passion for great barbeque.  On June 20, 1998, Ralph Taylor and his good friend, Tim McGuire, entered their first ever barbeque cook-off at Columbus Acres in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  The brand new team surprised themselves and everybody else that day by winning first place pork!  From that day forward, Ralph has been on a wild and crazy road that has traveled from Frisco, Colorado to Kansas City, Missouri to Lynchburg, Tennessee and home again to Fort Smith.


Where did they ever get that wacky name?  Well, their team motto said it all, “We’re cheap, we’re tacky and you don’t want us in your yard” … just like those plastic flamingo yard ornaments.


The Pink Flamingo BBQ team cooked their first Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) sanctioned cook-off in October, 2001.  The KCBS is the largest and most respected competition barbecue organization in the world.  And I guess it was typical of the Pinks’ optimism when they chose the American Royal Open as their first KCBS event.  The Royal is the largest BBQ cook-off in the country and features almost 500 BBQ teams each October.  They didn’t win any ribbons that year, but they had the time of their lives and vowed to return.  And return they did. Pink Flamingo BBQ won 1st place Sausage at the 2003 American Royal and because of that, every customer at Ralph’s Pink Flamingo BBQ gets a complimentary piece of the world’s best sausage.


Ralph won his first KCBS Grand Championship in 2004 at the Coors Colorado Challenge in Frisco, Colorado.  He went on to win the 2005 and 2006 Frisco cook-offs as well.  Pink Flamingo BBQ has a total of 9 Grand Championships and 3 Reserve Grand Championships to their credit.  Ralph has won his way into the American Royal Invitational Barbecue three times and was the Arkansas representative at the 2005 Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue.  Ralph was even selected to compete on the national television show, the All Star BBQ Showdown.  Since that first “party time cook-off” in 1998, the Pink Flamingos have been blessed with over 150 different barbecue awards.


In the past few years, Ralph’s wife Patsy and his two sons, Jeff and Ret, have earned their place on the BBQ team. Previously those positions were only occupied by  “guys that like to drink lots of beer … and eat BBQ”.  It seems that the wild and crazy early days of the Pink Flamingo BBQ team evolved into a serious family competition barbecue team that learned how to compete on the national KCBS level.


Now, Ralph Taylor and his family are proud to be serving Grand Champion style barbecue from their own restaurant in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  So, if you are tired of typical restaurant style BBQ … go by Ralph’s Pink Flamingo BBQ.  They’re serving up some of the best food in the region.

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